What do I need to play Evolution Planet?

All you need is an iOS or Android device and download the game on the App Store or Google Play. You can also play the game using a computer run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

What are the gems good for?

The gems are the Evolution Planet currency. You can use them to summon powers and creatures. You can collect gems on all game levels, in the Survival mode and as a reward for the Daily Spin.

Will I lose my progress in the game if I delete Evolution Planet and install it again later on?

If you are using an iOS device to play (iPhone or iPad), you can sync the match with your iCloud account to save your progress even if you delete the game and reinstall it later on. On all other devices, you will lose your progress if you uninstall the game.

When are you going to launch new levels?

Evolution Planet is constantly being updated, which means that new levels full of exciting challenges are going to be launched frequently.

What do I have to do to finish a level?

At the beginning of each level you will be shown a summary of the objectives you must fulfill. To see more details, tap on the objectives in the upper part of the screen. You will find advice on how to achieve each objective as well as a summary of the creatures that may appear in the level.

How can I get more points?

The best way to get more points is to fulfill the objectives as quickly as possible so that many creatures are left over. However, on some levels you can reach a higher score in a different way, such as by reaching a higher level of evolution or by getting many fruits.

What is the "Bonus round" screen good for?

In the "Bonus Round", the creatures you had left over after completing the level will evolve ideally and without the limitations imposed by the game board. Besides, the more evolutions you accumulate, the higher the score of the bonus you get will be. To sum up, the more creatures you have left over when finishing a level, the more points you will get.

What are royal creatures?

Royal creatures evolve from four or more creatures of a lower evolution level. They are more powerful than ordinary creatures.

What are mutant creatures?

You will recognise them for they are very similar to your creatures, although they are darker and their faces are not as friendly. Their life form follows a similar evolutionary path, but their DNA has changed due to mutations. They are your main obstacle on your road to evolution.

What powers can I summon in Evolution Planet?

There are several powers you can use to back up your evolutionary strategy:

  • Undo: Undoes the last action and all its consequences. It comes in very handy for correcting a mistake or when you're not happy with your last move.
  • Sacrifice: It is essential you have space on your game board, so defeat one of your creatures. It's tough, but sometimes we have to destroy things in order to create new ones.
  • Destroy: A meteorite that will destroy any allied or enemy creature.
  • Move: This power enables you to change the position of any allied or enemy creature.
How can I turn off the music and sound effects?

Tap on the gear-wheel icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You will find both options in the menu.

You haven't found a solution for the incidence?

If you haven't been able to solve the incidence you had with the game, please send us an email to support.playw@zed.com telling us which game it is and the incidence that occurred. We will then get in touch with you asap.