Jennifer Lawrence


Becoming Hollywood’s favourite star is not easy, but Jennifer Lawrence managed to get there by her own merits, thanks to her exceptional interpretations in several blockbusters which even gained her the Best Actress Oscar in 2013.

We would like to give her an award, too, not for her last role though, but for the important role she plays as a promoter of gender equality in the film industry. “JLaw” is brave, honest, down-to-earth and funny, and has thus managed to question and override some of the moldiest stereotypes as to “what a woman should be like”. Being Hollywood’s greatest star is not something anyone can do, and these days it is even more difficult to achieve if you are a woman.

Haruki Murakami


This outstanding writer has become one of the most important references in contemporary literature. He is a rather private person who likes to keep to himself, but anyone who is into reading is most likely to have seen his photo on the bestseller shelf of a bookstore, and that includes readers from all over the world, as Haruki Murakami has managed to evolve the art of universal storytelling. It is most unusual for a Japanese name to become so familiar in the Western World, as is the fact that some characters from Kyoto have got so much to tell a young woman reading on the New York metro. Haruki Murakami deserves a prize for breaking down cultural barriers and for being a universal voice that unites the most diverse parts of this world.

Taylor Swift


If you hadn’t heard of any of her songs or her name in the context of any music award in 2015, all the signs are that 2016 will not go by without you finding out who she is. This year started for her just like last year ended, i.e., crowned with success.

This singer in a way represents the American ideal. Beneath her angelic looks and in spite of being so young, Taylor Swift has proved to be a remarkably strong and determined person. Instead of just getting carried away by her popularity, she has put her fame to good use in order to deliver an important message. Apart from participating in humanitarian aid and social awareness-raising campaigns, she has been politically active and never accepted the usual easy labels. Her example shows us that stereotypes and clichés are no more than an obstacle in the path of evolution.

Kobe Bryant


When Kobe Bryant retired, he had already become a living legend. Undeniably the most eligible candidate for the position of most important NBA player of recent years, his style has represented the evolution of basketball in the 21st century.

This Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard is considered the prototype of the complete all-round player. Not only is he highly effective when it comes to driving to the basket and accurate from the 3-point line (he shares the record for three-pointers scored in one match), he is also a strong defensive player. He won the NBA Championship Ring 5 times, as well as two Olympic Gold Medals and participated in 18 all-star matches and is, among many other achievements, the leading scorer of the Californian team. His philosophy is simple: success is not a question of luck; but of hard work and supreme effort.



The world isn’t what it used to be 20 years ago, and it is, to a large extent, the internet, which is to blame for this. The doors to the whole world are now wide open, and anyone can go in and out as they please. Back in 2010, a young Swede chose a decidedly peculiar name and decided to go through those doors and start on an enormously long trek. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has managed to turn his YouTube channel into the most watched in the history of this powerful platform, thanks to his charm and sense of humour. And that does mean a lot in times where there are more people watching videos online than on TV. PewDiePie is the super star of his generation and a brilliant example of how communication in today’s society has evolved.

Emmanuelle Charpentier - Jennifer Doudna


Halfway between Sweden and the US, these two researchers have set a true milestone in the field of molecular biology in recent times thanks to developing a new system for genetic code “editing”, which will lead to greater efficiency when it comes to avoiding or correcting any malformations in a human being.

Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna’s work is not about getting rid of people’s individuality. We all like the fact that there are frogs, jellyfish and amoebas in this world. But as of now, we have a new tool that will help us fight genetic disorders which prevent so many people from leading a full and happy life. And that certainly deserves a prize.

Emma Watson


We wouldn’t award this prize to just any female sorcerer’s apprentice, although it does have a lot to do with learning. It is obvious that the world needs to learn to see things with a more open mind, and that’s exactly what this young lady who became famous as an actress is teaching us to do.

Apart from participating in several ecological and humanitarian movements, if you are familiar with the “HeforShe” campaign, you have probably heard of Emma’s speech to the UN General Assembly. Feminism does not have to be seen as something radical and exclusive, for men are responsible for at least half of the work that needs to be done to achieve true gender equality. Evolution is all about getting better, and listening to what Emma Watson has to say is certainly a step in the right direction.

Pardis Sabeti


In 2008, acting on an alarming report from Sierra Leone, a young scientist immediately gathered her team of researchers together. They reported the recent ebola outbreak from its point of origin, when nobody else had paid it much attention, since the virus still hadn’t reached Europe. Her studies on the ground enabled her to sequence the ebola genome in record time, and to identify the mutations that had been produced. This information was immediately made public in order for a cure to be found.

Pardis Sabeti is one of those people who help others to evolve and to improve. Born in Iran, she was an outstanding student at MIT, Harvard and Oxford. She was a pioneer in applying mathematics to genetics to find out a little more about why we are what we are.

El Androide libre


Do you have a smartphone? You surely do. Our lives have changed significantly since these gadgets were introduced, with worldwide information now being at our fingertips, easily-accessed communication and of course, being able to play Evolution Planet. Your phone is likely to be one of the 1,400 million Android devices used in the world (according to Google).

If so, you have probably heard of El Androide Libre, one of the most important sources of information when talking about Android. This daily updated blog provides articles, tricks and recommendations and definitely deserves our award thanks to its predominant position in the subject of this essential phenomenon in full process of evolution. Its hundreds of thousands of daily readers bear witness to it.

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