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The strategy game Evolution Planet is a place of wonder, adventure, fun and treasures. It’s an easy-to-play yet truly entertaining and challenging game. In Evolution Planet three amoebas turn into a jellyfish, and three jellyfish into a frog. Three frogs, however, turn into…What’s the highest stage of evolution? And who can defeat the dinosaur? Every new creature is a world of its own.

Evolution Planet is a thrilling adventure that will give you hours of fun. Share your journey with its amusing creatures through forests, icy lands, volcanos, deserts… but beware of the bad guys! Confront the mutant version of your creatures in epic duels and use your bravery and wit to defeat those dreadful final bosses so you can continue your journey.

Download and play Evolution Planet, the game for iOS, Android, Mac and PC with a completely new approach to overcoming the challenges of a strategy and match-3-game.

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